The Stamm Family from New Brunswick, NJ




1899 - Wholesale License Granted by Judge Strong on the application of Peter A. Stamm at Milltown, on Ryder's Lane.

1901 – Light and Dark Rock Spring Beer, bottle by Peter A. Stamm, Milltown. Also dealer in Wines and Liquors.

1893 William Stamm was associated with his father in the distribution of beer and liquor in Milltown for many years and in 1902, when his father died, William took over the business and transferred headquarters to New Brunswick. He was in the retail and wholesale liquor business for 30 years.

1903 - New Liquor Firm.
Messrs. Stamm and Holzworth have opened a new liquor store at the corner of George and Hassart streets and are prepared to supply the public with the best domestic and imported wines and liquors of all kinds. They also make a specialty of Rock Spring lager beer in bottles.

1903 – William Stamm purchased a one story building from the Pennsylvania Railroad which had been used as a waiting room at George and Washington Streets, and moved the building to 154 Throop Ave from where he conducted the distribution of Ballentine beer and ales. He was sole distributor for Ballentine beer until prohibition.

1903 - William Stamm, manufacturer, bottler, seller, and dealer in soda waters, mineral or aerated waters, porter, ale, beer, lager beer, cider, ginger ale, and other beverages at Nos. 154-156 Throop avenue, in the City of New Brunswick.

1906 - Liquor Business for Sale.
The firm of Stamm and Holzworth owing to a disagreement have decided to sell out their wholesale liquor business.


The plans for the new house and store building to be erected by William Stamm of Throop Ave, were drawn by D. D. Williamson, the well known architect whose building on Church Street was praised as one of the most attractive structures of its kind in the city.

1912 - Pabst Milwaukee Bock and Blue Ribbon Beer on draught at Wm. Stamm's Cafe at 161 Throop Ave.

1913 – STAMM Leases Saloon to Hensler Company

William Stamm has leased his building at 161 Throop Ave to the Joseph Hensler Brewing Company for a term of 5 years at $720 a year.


1934 – State of New Jersey Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control issued a Limited Wholesale License to William Stamm and Sons, 154-156 Throop Ave, New Brunswick, NJ.