The Stamm Family from New Brunswick, NJ

STAMM Family roots--Homberg, Hessen, Germany




Peter, Ferdinand and Louis Stamm came from Homberg, Hessen, Germany.


 Homberg is a small town in northern Hesse with about 15,000 inhabitants, and it is the seat of the Schwalm-Eder district. Homberg lies in the transitional zone between the West Hesse Depression – a sunken area dating from the Tertiary subera – and the Knüll (or Knüllgebirge), a low mountain range.


The town itself stretches over several hills underlain mainly with basalt. The river Efze flows from the Knüll through Homberg, later emptying into the river Fulda. There exist small coal deposits in the immediate area...


 In 1856 the Stamm brothers departed from Frankfurt, Germany to come to the United States.


They lived in New York City until the 1870's when Peter and his family moved to Ryder's Lane, in Milltown, New Jersey, and Ferdinand and Louis moved out west to Antioch, California where they were among the original settlers.